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Aging in Place Stress


AARP:  87% of those 65+ want to Age in Place

They want to live their golden years in the comfort of their current home. But this desire is having a profound impact on us - the adult children.

AARP: 40 million adult children care for loved one


Even when our loved ones benefit from paid in-home care, the added stress, time away from our own families and added costs can be life-altering. 


We just cannot be with them 24/7

Until now, we just had no way of knowing if they are okay.

How Are They Doing?

A phone call, text or visit is just not enough!

The Aging in Place phenomenon has created incredible stress for the adult children who care for a loved one. Unless we are with Mom or Dad 24/7/365, we are always asking "how are they doing?"

We could put cameras in their home. But they hate that idea and we will go crazy watching the camera feed! Of course, they can wear an alert pendant. But those are only good in a catastrophe.


Our Peace Of Mind Sensors   Can Help!

Proactive Fall Detection

CSS can reduce the time it takes for you to know about and react to a catastrophic fall to as little as 10 minutes!

In the seconds it takes to log on, you will know your loved one is up, mobile, eating and doing just fine.

How Are They Doing?

And if they are less mobile, eating less, missing their medicine, sleeping more or less... you will know! 

Stay Ahead Of Potential Concerns

How Does It Work?


Our Peace of Mind Sensors are placed throughout your loved one's home. They feed information to your...


...personalized portal that is powered by patent-pending technology. In the time it takes to open...

3 will know that everything is OK!

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