AARP:  87% of those 65+ want to Age in Place


AARP: 40 million adult children care for a loved one


We just cannot be with them 24/7

How Are They Doing?

A phone call, text or visit is just not enough!


Our Peace Of Mind Sensors   Can Help!

In the seconds it takes to log on, you will know your loved one is up, mobile, eating and doing just fine.

How Are They Doing?

And if they are less mobile, eating less, missing their medicine, sleeping more or less... you will know! 

Stay Ahead Of Potential Concerns
Proactive Fall Detection

We can reduce the time it takes for you to know about and react to a catastrophic fall.

How Does It Work?


Small, non-intrusive sensors are placed discretely around the home. These sensors monitor your loved ones’ activities and feed information to our app


Open the app to find data that shows whether your loved one is eating, sleeping normally and moving around. You’ll also find insights for early detection of problems and can also see if there are changes in their eating, sleeping and activity patterns.


Sensors also provide reliable fall detection, which may reduce the time it takes for you to know about and react to a catastrophic fall – even if your loved one is incapable of calling for help.

It’s a simple solution that helps support their independence while maintaining your peace of mind.

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