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Comforting older adults 75+Hands

As a family caregiver to your older adults,

you're no stranger to the overwhelming feelings that come with caring for aged seniors who want to remain at home.

The sleepless nights, the constant worry, being stretched thin, and the strain on your resources.

It's a journey that often feels isolating and exhausting.

We bring it all together

Aging-in-Place technology solutions, assistive resources, and a supportive community for families taking care of their aging seniors, and the seniors who love independence.
A Guide to Overcoming poor health challenges of aging in place with comprehensive tech solutions
Caring for your seniors aging in place can be a breeze with the right technology.

Stay one step ahead of your senior's needs, while they live independently at home. 
As Seen On Forbes
 At Home Fall Risks For Older Adults


here’s how we serve you

We promise you honesty.

If it is not doable, we are not offering it!


Access a wealth of caregiving resources, including articles, blogs, podcasts, and expert advice, to support you in your caregiving role.


We have years of firsthand experience. We are constantly creating helpful experiences, tools, and tips for senior living. They help you handle the complexities of looking after your aging loved ones without frustration.


Experts in aging-in-place technology, certified healthcare professionals guide us. they believe in our mission. Together, we have a bigger impact.

Catch up on our story across various platforms
Our founder Ryan Herd had the opportunity to give a TEDx Talk about using “Smart” technology to enable safe aging at home. Ryan says, 

 We are grateful to TEDx for acknowledging the effort we have put into developing our family caregiver Support Technology. This empowers older adults to maintain their independence and dignity while living at home and provides their caregivers with more peace of mind and leisure time. We are honored to receive this recognition and are dedicated to continuing to make a positive impact on the world. 


What is Included in our solution?

1 Wi-Fi Smart Hub
5 Wireless Movement Sensors
3 Wireless Emergency Buttons
1 Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor
4 Wireless Door/Drawer Sensors
The CORE Kit with extra sensors, emergency button, humidity sensor, fall detection
Self installation, as simple as...
Caregiver Monitoring Technology  for aging in place app interface for 75+ senior
Download the App
available on App Store logo
CSS Smart Hub Monitor for senior activities of daily living
Plug in the Smart Hub
Caregiver monitoring system sensors placement for fall alert for Seniors
Peel and Stick the Sensors
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