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You need a way to use technology to enhance your services.

You Love your residents but...
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We can Help!

Introducing Caregiver Smart Solutions for Assisted Living communities.

By Providing 24/7/365 monitoring services from Caregiver Smart Solutions you can provide better care, more Peace of Mind for family members, and Earn Extra Revenue. 

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Let Them Age In Place

My name is Ryan Herd. A few years ago my dad was diagnosed with cancer. I was scared. I wanted to keep track of how he was doing. Was he up and mobile? Taking his medicine? Eating OK? 

As a tech guy, I figured there would be plenty of solutions out there. I was wrong and got frustrated.


He didn't want to be a burden and always said, "everything is fine." Thrust into a caregiver role, I became stressed out and this impacted my work and relationship with my own family.

In these challenging times, many of us can't see our loved ones in person and we are constantly worried about how they are doing.

I knew modern technology could help without destroying the privacy my dad craved. That's why I created Caregiver Smart Solutions. No cameras. No intrusion. Just incredible insight.

And, thankfully, my dad has beaten cancer twice!

How Does Caregiver Smart Solutions Work?

1. Our small, non-intrusive sensors are placed discretely around the residence. These sensors monitor your clients’ activities and feed information to your dashboard.  

2. A quick look at the dashboard and you will find data that shows whether your client is eating, sleeping normally, and moving around. You’ll also find insights for early detection of problems and can also see if there are changes in their eating, sleeping, and activity patterns.

3. Sensors also provide reliable fall detection, which may reduce the time it takes for you to know about and react to a catastrophic fall – even if your client is incapable of calling for help.

4. Alerts are sent to your dashboard, which can be monitored by more than one person or even the family. The caregiver’s history is maintained by the app which can also help answer questions from the doctor.

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