Need some Help? Here are some Tip's and FAQs

General Questions:


1. Q – When do I replace the batteries?


     A – When the Icon in the App turns yellow or the sensor battery in the App shows 

           ‘low battery’.


2. Q – How do I replace the batteries?


     A – Motion Sensors twist-off – do not pull off the wall.  When installing, face the pin 

           location (small hole) to the side.


           Door/Cabinet Sensors have a round button on the front do not pull off the door or cabinet – place your thumb on the round button and twist until it comes off.  Reverse the process to close.


           Install batteries in the Red Emergency Buttons, use a quarter to twist-off the back.​


3. Q – Is there any way of wearing a button?


     A – NO

4. Q – When changing batteries do I have to remove the Sensor from the App, then

            re-add it?


     A – If the battery is still working when replacing it annually – just replace the 



           If the battery is dead, then you must ‘re-add’ the sensor in your App after 

           replacing the battery, following the “add a Sensor”.  


Setup Questions:


1. Q – What does it mean if the Smart Hub light is not illuminated blue?


     A – The Smart Hub is not communicating with the Sensors.

2. Q – What does it mean when the Smart Hub light is blinking?


     A – The Smart Hub is communicating with all Sensors.

3. Q – What if the wrong room was assigned to a Sensor – how do I correct it?


     A – You can rename the Sensor.

4. Q – How do I rename the room associated with a Sensor?


     A – In the App, click on the Sensor – then, click on the ‘X’ next to the current name. 

           Key in the new sensor name and click OK.

5. Q – Can I add additional devices that are not part of the kit?


     A – Yes

6. Q – Where do I order additional sensors or batteries?


     A – Sensors can be ordered from CSS – batteries can be found anywhere batteries are sold.


7. Q – Where can I email questions that occur?


      A – Website

8. Q – Do I have to use all sensors in the kit for the system to work?


      A – NO, the system would work if only 1 Sensor was installed, however, the basic

            the kit is designed to provide ‘peace of mind’ and protection/security in the home.


9. Q – Where should the Smart Hub be placed?


      A – In a central location in the home.  Must be able to communicate with your 


10. Q – Where should Motion Sensors be placed?


      A – Above the door, facing into the room.

11. Q – Where should Door Sensors or Cabinet Sensors be placed?


      A – These Sensors are 2-part Sensors – they have 1 part that is placed on the door and 1 part that is placed on the door jamb.  At the top or side of the door.  

            For Cabinets & Drawers, the Sensors are placed inside with 1 part on the door 

            or drawer and the other attached to the inside.

12. Q – Where should Red Emergency Buttons be placed?


     A –Nightstand next to the bed, next to your favorite chair & in the bathroom.

Using CSS


13. Q – How do I refresh the Application on my phone?


     A – 

14. Q – Where do I see all the Alerts that are sent to me?


     A – 

15. Q – What if I answered ‘I don’t want to see Alerts’ when I setup the Application and 

       now I do?


     A – 

16. Q – How do multiple caregivers get access?


     A – 

17. Q – What does a Gray Icon mean?  How does it get re-set?


     A – 

18. Q – Can I unplug the Smart Hub to move its location?  Will any information be lost?

     A – Yes – No information will be lost.

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