• Are they eating enough?

  • Are they sleeping enough?

  • Are they using the bathroom normally?

  • Are they going to the bathroom a lot overnight?

  • Are they lethargic and just sitting around?

  • Are they just being forgetful or is it something more?

  • Was there a potential fall?

  • What can we do to keep Mom out of the hospital?

  • Did they take their medication? 

  • Is their medication working?

  • And so much more.

Using the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, you can stay informed on how your loved ones are doing.

I am concerned about my loved one...

Is anything out of the ordinary? 


What About a Fall?

Our Peace of Mind Sensors work together allowing us to know if there has been no movement from one room to another. 

You can easily set your own alerts to know of potential falls in the bedroom, bathroom and stairs, along with other rooms throughout the home.


There is No Reason to Wait for Catastrophes

Many of our parents use alert pendants or bracelets. Some of us have installed voice assistants - like Alexa - so Mom can call for help. Both are great in emergencies.

But waiting for an "event" is not providing us with any insight into how they are doing.

And that assumes they are wearing the pendant, it is charged and working!

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They Shouldn't Have to Do Anything

Our Peace of Mind Sensors are always on and sending great information to your app.

We don't have to rely on Mom to do a thing...

No buttons to press.

No voice commands needed.

No charging needed.

No computer platform.

Caregiver Smart Solutions is 100% focused on providing you with peace of mind!

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