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"I can't get in touch with Mom, and I'm terrified she might be hurt!"

Imagine the gut-wrenching fear of not being able to reach your aging parent when they need you the most.


The panic sets in as you dial their number repeatedly, but there's no response.


Your mind races with terrifying scenarios of what could be happening, and you're left feeling helpless and overwhelmed.

You can't concentrate
You are anxious
You feel helpless
You want to rush over to them
You are scared, really scared
Senior Fall.jpg
You realize that you have no idea where they are, or what they are doing!

Picture the scary moment when you realize you have no idea if your loved one got out of bed today.

Did they eat?

Did they take their medications?

Did they fall?

The dread creeps in as you imagine the worst-case scenarios, wondering if they've fallen or if they're in distress, all while you're miles away, unable to check on them.

They fell, but you didn’t know, no one knows, and they can’t get help!

The heart-stopping moment that you receive the call that your parent has fallen again, and this time, they're badly injured!


The guilt consumes you as you question whether you could have done something to prevent it.


The uncertainty about their well-being and the fear of not knowing if they need immediate medical attention haunt you relentlessly.

I Wish I Could Be There All the Time, But Reality Calls!

We get it.

You wish you could be there for your loved ones around the clock. Balancing work, family, and personal care leaves little time to provide the constant support they need.

But, hiring in-home help can be costly!!!

With rates starting at $3,000 a month for just 20 hours a week, it's a significant financial burden. And remember, there are 165 hours in a week – that's a lot of time left uncovered!

That's where we come in...

At Caregiver Smart Solution, we understand your challenges and offer a comprehensive solution that won't break the bank. For a ONE-TIME fee of $899 and a monthly subscription of $59, you get peace of mind with our reliable and affordable monitoring service.


Even when you can't be there yourself, you can have rest knowing your loved ones at home are being looked after at all times!


Introducing Our Special Offers For Caregiving Heroes!

Get All Of These For Free!

1-year Free Supply Of Batteries

Valued at $36,

Ensuring your devices never run out of power when you need them most!

1 Free


Valued at $19.95

Helping you stay organized and ensure your loved one never misses a dose of medication.

Free Lifetime Warranty

Valued at Pricelesss!

Giving you peace of mind knowing your devices are protected for life.

100% Money-back Guarantee

Valued at Pricelesss!

Ensuring your satisfaction and confidence in every purchase.

With Caregiver Smart Solutions on your side…
  •  You get real-time insights for better care of your older    adults

  •  You have the information you need about their     activities when you need it. 

  •  Immediate assistance in critical situations is within their    reach

Experience Peace of Mind Redefined

The CORE Kit Delivers 24/7 Non-intrusive Comprehensive Monitoring for Your Loved One's Safety and Well-Being!

With the CORE Kit,

You're never in the dark. Our aging-in-place technology acts as the "fly on the wall," giving you real-time insights into your loved one's activities and well-being.


You'll have the information you need when you need it the most.

  • You are actively engaged in their care, wherever You are. 

  • You are informed to take immediate action for their health and safety

  • You can customize monitoring based on your loved one's specific needs and routines

  • You have access to cloud-based data for historical data and activity logs, allowing you to track trends, identify patterns, and make informed decisions about your loved one's care

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

A Special Offer For YOU!


BUY THE CORE KIT NOW and enjoy these offers exclusively created for you to start enjoying peace of mind in real-time today!

Included In The CORE KIT

Copy of CSS Smart Hub no background_edited_edited.png

1 Wifi Smart Hub

Connects sensors and streams real-time updates to the Caregiver Smart Solution App through Wi-Fi.

CSS Emergency Button no background.png

3 Wireless Emergency Buttons

 Easily accessible buttons for urgent help needs, placed in convenient locations.

CSS Movement sensor no background.png

5 Wireless Movement Sensors

 Placed strategically in key areas to monitor well-being and safety.

CSS Temp_Humidity sensor no background_edited.png

1 Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor

 Monitors bathroom/kitchen conditions, and alerts for temperature changes or potential hazards

CSS Door_Draw sensor no background.png

4 Wireless Door/Drawer Sensors

 Track medication use and door access, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

Each item is specially designed to be compact and unobtrusive, fitting seamlessly into the environment without drawing attention.

Untitled design_edited.jpg
“My mom is almost 97 and still lives on her own, she still gets around but I do worry about her. This has been a godsend because it gives me peace of mind. I get alerts that she is moving around and I know her habits very well.”



When you order the CORE Kit TODAY...

  • Price: $899

  • Monthly Subscription: $59

  • Shipping: $24.95

  • Installation (Optional): $199

Self Installation  

as easy as 



Act NOW and receive these gifts on US!

1 year Free Supply of batteries valued at $36

1 Free PillMap valued at $19.95

Free Lifetime Warranty valued at Priceless!




100% Money-back Guarantee!


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