Peace of Mind

As They

Age in Place


How Are They Doing?

A phone call, text or visit is just not enough!

AARP reports that 87% of those 65+ want to grow old in their home and same community. This Aging in Place phenomenon has created incredible stress for the 40 million adult children who care for a loved one. Unless we are with Mom or Dad 24/7/365, we are always asking "how are they doing?"

We could put cameras in their home. But they hate that idea and we will go crazy watching the camera feed! Of course, they can wear an alert pendant. But those are only good in a catastrophe.

Our Peace Of Mind Sensors   Can Help!


Proactive Fall Detection

CSS can reduce the time it takes for you to know about and react to a catastrophic fall to as little as 10 minutes!

In the seconds it takes to log on, you will know your loved one is up, mobile, eating and doing just fine.

How Are They Doing?

And if they are they less mobile, eating less, missing their medicine, sleeping more you will know! 

Stay Ahead Of Potential Concerns

How Do We Know?

What time did Mom get up this morning?

Is she moving around normally?

Is she eating?

Has she used the bathroom normally?

Did she take her medicine?



How Does It Work?


Our Peace of Mind Sensors are placed throughout your loved one's home. They feed information to your...


...personalized portal that is powered by patent-pending technology. In the time it takes to open...

3 will know that everything is OK!

Buy Now!


$499 Installed and

$44.99 per month
First 2 Months FREE

4 Room System Includes:

  • Master Bedroom (bed and room movement)

  • Master Bathroom (shower and room movement, medicine cabinet)

  • Kitchen (room movement, refrigerator)

  • Family Room (room movement)

  • Main Door (open/closed)

  • Inside Temperature in All Rooms

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Meet Kate

Our Peace of Mind Sensors   

Help Calm Her Nerves

Kate is the primary caregiver for her 92 year old Mom who remains fiercely independent. 


It's all about your...

Peace of Mind As They Age in Place


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