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" My Mom is 95 and will not wear her pendant or use her hearing aids. I am concerned that she still wants to live on her own. Using Caregiver Smart Solutions has definitely given me Peace of Mind!"  CSS user Katie Caywood


  • Is there a potential fall?

  • Did Mom wake up yet?

  • Is Mom taking her medication?

  • Is Dad eating enough?

  • Is Mom sleeping enough?

  • Is Dad using the bathroom normally?

  • Or, going to the bathroom a lot overnight?

  • Is Mom just being forgetful or is it something more?

  • What can we do to keep our loved one out of the hospital?

  • And so much more.

Is Mom or Dad OK?


With a quick look at the app, you will know If anything is out of the ordinary. 

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Peace of Mind for $199*

How Does it Work?

1. Our small, non-intrusive sensors are placed discretely around the home. These sensors monitor your loved one's habits and activities then feed information to your app.  

2. Open the app to find out whether your loved one is eating, sleeping normally, and moving around. You’ll find insights for the early detection of problems and can see if there are changes in their activity patterns over time.

3. Our sensors provide reliable fall detection, which may reduce the time it takes for you to know about and react to a catastrophic fall – even if your loved one is incapable of calling for help.

4. Alerts are sent to the caregivers, which can be more than one person. Your loved ones' history is maintained by the app which can also help answer questions from the doctor.

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" We are monitoring my sister-in-law and Caregiver Smart Solutions definitely has helped us be proactive and help her!"     

CSS User Greg B.

No cameras, No intrusion, Just incredible insight!

The only proactive solution that enables your loved ones to retain their independence and dignity and Live In Place as long as possible while reducing your stress through Peace of Mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What does it mean when the Smart Hub light is blinking blue?

A. If it's blinking it's thinking. The Smart hub will blink when it is plugged in for the 1st time, or after it loses power, or when you are adding a sensor or setting up wifi.

Q – Where should the Smart Hub be placed?

A – In a central location in the home. The smart hub must be able to communicate with your loved ones' Wi-Fi. 

Q – Where do I see all the Alerts that are sent to me?

A – These will be pop-ups on your phone when your app is closed. Make sure you allow notifications from the Caregiver Smart Solutions app. You can check that in the notifications section within settings on your phone.

Q – How do I give multiple caregivers access?

A – It's simple, within the Caregiver Smart Solutions app select settings then select add caregiver.

Let Them Age In Place

My name is Ryan Herd. A few years ago my dad was diagnosed with cancer. I was scared. I wanted to keep track of how he was doing. Was he up and mobile? Taking his medicine? Eating OK? 

As a tech guy, I figured there would be plenty of solutions out there. I was wrong and got frustrated.


He didn't want to be a burden and always said, "everything is fine." Thrust into a caregiver role, I became stressed out and this impacted my work and relationship with my own family.

In these challenging times, many of us can't see our loved ones in person and we are constantly worried about how they are doing.

I knew modern technology could help without destroying the privacy my dad craved. That's why I created Caregiver Smart Solutions. No cameras. No intrusion. Just incredible insight.

And, thankfully, my dad has beaten cancer twice!

Peace of Mind for $199*

* 3 Easy Payments of $199 then $59 a month thereafter.
To make the purchase of our CORE kit as easy as possible we are offering an easy way to pay. 3 Easy Payments of $199 a month! Then $59 a month subscription thereafter.


What does the $59* monthly subscription include?

24/7/365 family monitoring of your loved one using the app.
24/7/365 Professional monitoring by AvantGuard, if your loved one pushes one of our emergency buttons they will call the number in your emergency response list then if no one answers, the local authorities.   
Over 300 points of information 
Unlimited access to our app
Lifetime Updates of your app
Lifetime Updates of your sensors
Lifetime Warranty of your sensors
*Does not include batteries.

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