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Looking after a loved one doesn’t have to take over your life completely!
With Caregiver Smart Solution you will find all the resources you need to support your independent living senior in one go!
Become a part of the happy families we are working with today!
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We know there are unique scenarios. reality differs. Yet, so many generic solutions out there! but, this is where you find expert answers with just one click!

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Constantly looking out for your senior living on their own, at the same time caring for your family is exhausting enough.


Gain peace of mind knowing that they are safe, stay connected with them easily with our user friendly tech solutions.

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We try to keep you in the loop as much as possible. Our online community connects you with other families with similar interests. Be encouraged and supported by people like you.

Join our thriving community of family caregivers today, and reduce the burden of worry.


We work with you to figure out exactly what you need to effectively achieve your goals of quality, safe and non-intrusive care for your aging loved ones .

Aisha, Caregiver

"Not only does the CORE Kit technology provide peace of mind for the family, it also allows my client to maintain her sense of independence. She can go about her daily routine without constantly feeling like she is being watched or monitored."

Thomas, Family Caregiver

"The CORE Kit is an innovative solution that has given me peace of mind knowing that I can keep an eye on my mother’s activities and receive alerts if anything unusual occurs."

Ryan, CSS Founder

“This all started because of my Dad’s cancer. I knew modern technology could help without destroying the privacy my dad craved. That’s why I created Caregiver Smart Solutions.”
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