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A family caregiver founded Caregiver Smart Solution.

Our founder, Ryan Herd, knows well the challenges of caring for independent seniors.
He has walked the path of caring firsthand.
He saw the need for full resources, practical solutions, and a supportive community for family members.
Ryan, family caregiver with 75+ dad aging in place

It is personal. Our story begins with family.

The seriousness of having a senior living independently inspires us to help.
We truly want to address the overwhelming concerns of those who selflessly care for their loved ones.

We desire to reduce the strain on you, yet, we don't want to disconnect you from the
vital role you play in ensuring the well-being of your seniors.

We create a

Our mission is clear

to give 1 million families PEACE OF MIND

in Realtime!






Kate, 75

“My mom is almost 97 and still lives on her own, she still gets around but I do worry about her. This has been a godsend because it gives me peace of mind. I get alerts that she is moving around and I know her habits very well.”

Greg, 89

“In a heart failure situation, you may not have time to hit that button, yet the sensors that are located throughout the house can pick up anything out of the ordinary and alert me right away.”

Marta, 47

I am so grateful to have Caregiver Smart Solutions in my life. It has not only helped to ensure my mom’s safety, but it has also given me the peace of mind and freedom to take care of my own family without feeling overwhelmed. 
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