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Introducing The CORE Kit:
Your Age-Tech Companion for Senior Independence

The core kit is an innovative and non-intrusive technology designed to monitor your beloved family members’ habits while at home.

In your journey of caring for your aging loved ones

...the weight of concern is always present. 

From managing daily tasks to ensuring the safety and well-being of their loved ones, caregivers carry the weight of these responsibilities every day.

The constant worry about their loved one's health, safety, and quality of life can take a toll on their own physical and emotional well-being.


Until you find the right solution - technology

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As a family caregiver doing it alone,
your thoughts are all over

The thought of your aging older adults carrying out their daily activities alone, vulnerable to unforeseen accidents or lapses in health, can be overwhelming.


It's a burden that tugs at your heart, leaving you restless and anxious.


of Amercans are 65+ years old. By 2040, the number is projected to grow to 22%.


of older adults prefer

living at home than in an assisted living facility later in life.


of older adults reports some type of disability 

(i.e., physical ,cognition, or independent living).


of Baby Boomers are caring for their aging in place relatives, and had provided care for at least 2 years


of baby boomers are caring for young children and their aging relatives at the same time!


of family caregivers report moderate or serious distress levels, negatively impacting their general productivity.

Smart-home devices can be there when you can’t, providing a 24/7 connection to help ensure safety, assist with daily tasks, and allow you to check in on a loved one

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Katie, 87

“Katie has been using Caregiver Smart Solutions for a few years now. She shares her concerns about her mom and how the CORE kit has helped her have less stress and more Peace of Mind.”

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To me, the most intriguing part of Caregiver Smart Solutions is the detailed activity tracking. If you have a family member aging in place, then these devices can provide you with accurate updates that let you know your loved one is safe.

As days turn into weeks and weeks into months, the worry amplifies. Each passing moment brings with it the weight of responsibility.

Your mind is filled with nagging questions;

Did mom get out of bed?

Are they using the bathroom normally?

Are they taking their medications?

Are they drinking enough water?

Are they showing signs of lethargy or inactivity?

Are they sleeping enough?

Is their residence the right temperature for them?

Did they visit the bathroom during the night

Is Dad staying safe on his own?

What if they have a fall and no one's there to help?

Did they forget to close a door?

Did they trip and fall?

Did they leave the premises?

The uncertainty grows, making it hard to focus on anything else. 

You have your own family, work,and personal needs, which are also demanding your constant attention at the same time, and your head is all over the place, filled with worries!

You may start to look for a solution that can offer reassurance and support in your caregiving journey.

Then, in this situation of overwhelming support, there comes a moment of clarity, and it hits you — you can't do this alone.

You need a solution now!

As a family caregiver overwhelmed by the responsibilities of caring for aging loved ones while managing your daily activities, waiting is no longer an option! Our solution offer a lifeline in times of need, providing the support and reassurance you deserve.

You embrace technology

Whether it's keeping track of your aging in place loved ones daily activities, or staying connected with them for updates in real time. Our innovative age-tech solution has the power to enrich your relationship with your older adults, knowing they are safe for your peace of mind 

You desire peace of mind!

You desire to say goodbye to sleepless nights and constant worry – with the right technological solutions by your side, doing all the work! You can rest assured knowing that your loved ones are in good hands. It's time to prioritize your well-being as you manage the care of your older adults with confidence and ease

BOOM! You discover the CORE Kit.